June 24, 2021

Good afternoon,

I am certain you have all heard the recent announcements from the Provincial Government in regards to increased visitation to Personal Care Homes for fully vaccinated residents and visitors.

Villa Youville currently does not have the resources necessary to screen visitors with their vaccine cards and is preparing a plan to accommodate the increased visits. This plan will be communicated to all families in the next week.

As a reminder – there are no changes to the current visitations at this time.

INDOOR RESIDENT ROOM VISITS: continue to be the two (2) designated visitors – one (1) at a time in the room. DAILY 1 pm to 4 pm. The wearing of medical mask and eye protection continues even if all are fully vaccinated. These rules also apply if resident is brought outside for a stroll – please remain on Villa grounds at all times. Only the one (1) designated visitor can be with the resident, no other visitors allowed, this includes the other designated visitor.

VISITATION PODS: continue as previous.  Pre-booked thru our booking system. MON-WED-FRI-SAT-SUN 1 pm to 5 pm. Up to four (4) visitors as long as they are from same household. Visitors must continue to wear medical mask through out the visit.

We look forward to seeing an increase in visitations for the residents of the Villa Youville.

We thank you for your continued support in keeping the residents safe.

Please share this message with your families.


Carole Lavack R.N.
Directrice des soins au Residents/ Director of Resident Care
Villa Youville

June 10, 2021

Good afternoon to all,

Despite Manitoba’s slow but steady decline in COVID cases, the Steinbach, Labroquerie, Ste Anne region continues to show the highest COVID positive numbers since early 2020.  This confirms the dangerous transmissibility of the COVID variants.  The risks show a significantly real and continued danger!

I share with you today that as we have welcomed back a recently COVID recovered team member, we learn today of two (2) new confirmed COVID members who will be away for the mandatory isolation periods.  Risk assessment and contact tracing are underway.  I want to confirm that regardless of this news, Villa Youville is NOT in “outbreak” situation/protocols at this time.

I wish to share the most recent vaccine statistics for Villa Youville;

  • 91% of nursing residents have received both doses and are fully immunized.
  • 93% of our Motel tenants have received both doses and are fully immunized.
  • 100% of our Pavillon residents have received both doses and are fully immunized.
  • 60% of our staff (all departments) have received 1 dose and 29%, 2 doses as of today…  32 (confirmed) and possibly up to 40 will receive a vaccine dose on June 17th, here at the Villa. This will significantly upgrade these figures.
  • Unfortunately we currently do not have any statistics for Southern Health HCAs offering services in our Motels and Pavillon.
  • We have availability and a process to immunize all new residents.

Nursing visitation protocols remain unchanged for the moment as we await direction for the newly announced protocols aimed at fully immunized resident and visitors.  We ask that visitors continue to strictly follow provincial guidelines and mask mandates.

Please share this email with all interested family members.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and patience!

Gilbert Audette
Directeur général/CEO
204-422-5624, ext. 202

Visitez nous, visit us at;
Site web –
Facebook – @lavillayouville
Instagram – VillaYouville


Good evening,

We have just been advised that two team members in our PCH have received confirmation of a COVID POSITVE diagnosis.

Carole Lavack, our director of care, and the administrative team have been immediately mobilized to complete the contact tracing, notifications and risk assessment for our residents.

The result identifies possible minimal risk to residents on ward “D and E” and staff will remain on high alert for possible symptoms.

We continue to follow all highest alerts and protocols for the “Red Zone” designation already in place since November 12th.

There are no changes to the indoor visits for designated family members – 2 designated visitors, 1 at a time, 1 to 4 pm daily.

We continue to monitor and communicate updates as necessary in keeping with our ethical responsibility to remain completely open and transparent.

Thank You

Gilbert Audette
Directeur général/CEO
204-422-5624, ext. 202

Visitez nous, visit us at;
Site web –
Facebook – @lavillayouville
Instagram – VillaYouville

July 24th, 2020

Pursuant to the most resent provincial announcement for indoor visitation privileges at all PCH establishments, here are the protocols established for Villa Youville.

**Unfortunately, due to a flu outbreak (NON-COVID – affected residents’ families have been advised) and for an abundance of precaution, these visits will be delayed until further notice.  Stay tuned for further updates.

Indoor visit protocols;

  • To ensure continued risk management for all residents and staff, visit privileges will be granted to a maximum of two designated family members per resident. Virtual, window, and outdoor visits remain as options for all other family and friends.  We ask the family contact of each resident to call Michelle at reception at the following number: 204-422-5624 ext. 201 or by email at to provide two names, telephone and email addresses.
  • Visiting hours will be from 1 to 4 pm, daily. No appointments necessary and no time limits during visiting hours.
  • All visitors will be subject to screening and sign-in & out process on entry for every visit. Please follow strict hand hygiene protocols.  Please refrain from visiting if you recognize any flu or cold symptoms or if you have recently travelled to Ontario or Quebec you will need to self-isolate for 14 days. Please help us keep you loved ones and our team safe!
  • No deliveries nor personal items will be permitted during these visits.
  • Visitors must provide and wear a non-medical mask while visiting a loved-one!
  • Resident’s washroom will be available for visitor use.
  • All visits will be limited to the resident’s room. No visitor access to the common areas at any time.  Short outdoor on-premise excursions are permitted.  Please advise the nurses’ desk when leaving and returning, avoid contact with others and minimize touching surfaces, etc.
  • For maximum safety, please follow the 2-meter social distancing protocol. For hand-holding, please keep a maximum distance. Brief hugs are permitted.
  • Visitors will be responsible to bring residents to the patio when an outdoor visit is scheduled. Please ask to consult the posted schedules.
  • Villa Youville administration reserves the right to revoke visiting privileges to any individual who shows disregard to the established protocols or to the safety of residents or team members. We reserve the right to modify or cancel all visitation privileges where necessary to ensure the safety of our residents and team members.

Outdoor visit protocols;

  • No Change – Process for on-line appointments remain in effect.

Our primary focus continues to be the safety, physical and mental well-being of all your loved-ones.  Thank you for your continued cooperation throughout!

Gilbert Audette, CEO
Villa Youville inc.

April 6th, 2020

Family and friends of Villa Youville’s PCH residents.

The Villa Youville’s admin team continues to work diligently in taking all necessary measure to protect its staff and residents.

Here are a few of the key preventative measures in place at this time; 

  1. Visitors will continue to be prohibited from entering until further notice(care packages welcome);
  1. All personnel, prior to coming to work must;
  • Call to report any flu-like symptoms to our director of nursing who will advise on next steps;
  • Be screened upon arrival for work and submit to a temperature check.
  1. Personal protective equipment (PPE) – All staff having direct care duties for our residents will wear designated mandatory PPE.
  1. An internal social distancing protocol has been established to limit direct contact with residents to nurses and health care aides only.  ALL department staff duties have been reviewed to eliminate to possibility of cross contamination between wards.
  1. Staff protocols were established for lunch room etiquette and social distancing, designated washrooms, and protocols for home self-isolation and social distancing, etc.
  1. An isolation ward of up to 12 beds has been set up to handle symptomatic and positive COVID-19 residents.  We have planned a designated staff rotation to ensure a complete and self-sustained ward to ensure maximum separation and protection from all other residents.
  1. Our commitment of complete transparency remains firm.  We will continue to communicate news and developments to you.

Thank you for your support in this difficult period.  We continue to look after your loved ones as they were our own!  Please do not hesitate to share this message with family and friends.  Please forward any email address of those who would want to receive these messages directly.

Stay safe!

Gilbert Audette

Directeur Général/CEO

204-422-5624, ext. 202


Nursing –

No permitted absences from the Nursing.

Absolutely no visitors, including Pavillon and Motel residents.

Deliveries intended for residents are welcome.  Please deposit your identified goods packages on the trolley in the vestibule at the entrance to Nursing at 15, chemin Charrière. Our staff will distribute deliveries internally.

Motels –

Essential visits only.

Outdoor travel allowed according to provincial guidelines.

Social distancing precautions in place.

No access to the Pavilion or Nursing wings.

Pavilion –

No absences from the Pavilion without permission.

No visitors allowed at the Pavilion.

Deliveries intended for residents are still welcome. Please place your identified goods packages on the table in the hall of the Pavilion at 208, avenue Centrale and our staff will handle all deliveries.