Villa Youville
I thought that I would take a moment to tell you how much I have enjoyed my six years at the helm of Villa Youville. As many of you already know, I will soon be leaving the Villa. My last day will be December 31.
I want to thank you for your friendship and the kindness that you have shown me. I will miss you. I will remember fondly the fun we have had together, the many joyful moments we have shared as well as the sorrow we have experienced together at the loss of a friend or family member.
I leave Villa Youville knowing that it is doing extremely well. We are operating at full capacity. We have repaid our debts and improved our physical facilities. However, more important that money, buildings and equipment, we have promoted at Villa Youville the values of tender, loving care and the importance of being friendly and helpful at all times. We wanted our residents and our staff members to truly feel at home at the Villa and share in our “joie de vivre”. The promotion of these values starts with the CEO and his administrative team. We wanted to make sure that our residents and staff members would feel comfortable sharing their concerns with us, and that they would know that we listened and that we cared. I believe that we were successful in creating an environment where our residents and staff members can easily say, La Villa Youville, c’est chez nous, as it is proudly stated on our logo.
Our Board will soon be appointing someone to replace me. You will be the first ones to know its decision. I am sure that you will give my successor your support and that you will join me in offering him or her a warm welcome as the new head of our Villa Youville family.
Again, thank you for your support and friendship. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!