How to make a donation

Villa Youville can not meet the high standards of excellence it sets for itself without the support of its amazing donors. Join our donor group!

There are two main ways to financially support Villa Youville:

By cheque

Send your donation by cheque to Villa Youville inc.

15 Charrière Road
Ste. Anne (MB) R5H 1C9

Online donation

Make a donation online through CanadaHelps
You will receive a tax receipt for charitable donations.

To each his gift…

If you would like to customize your donation, please contact our Managing Director. It could, for example, be a major gift in someone’s memory. We will provide the necessary follow-up and give you the recognition you deserve.


Thank you for your donation

Villa Youville profoundly thanks all its generous donors for their crucial support and, above all, for their open hearts and commitment to the well-being of our Francophone seniors.

In circumstances where government assistance is barely sufficient to provide adequate housing and care for our residents, it is undeniably your gift that allows us to go further and achieve, in everything we do, this high level of service delivery that makes Villa Youville the destination of choice for seniors. A huge thank you!

Tangible results

You will be pleased to know that your generosity always generates very positive results, whether in terms of increased amenities, training, activities or building infrastructures. See Where donations go.

Online donation

The easiest way to financially support Villa Youville is by donating online. Make a donation online through CanadaHelps. We will provide you with a tax receipt for charitable donations. Fast and secure, online donations are becoming more and more popular. A big thank-you!