"Les Motels"

Nearby services


You only have to cross the street to do your grocery shopping. Everything is there. You can also have everything delivered to your home if you wish.

Canada Post

A Canada Post office is located at a five-minute walk from the Villa and offers all the necessary services.


Three restaurants in town offer good meals at very reasonable prices. Bon appétit!


Villa Youville is located very close to several health services:

  • The Seine Medical Center, with twelve bilingual doctors on staff
  • A hospital with emergency services open day and night, emergency transport by helicopter if necessary, surgeries and palliative care
  • On-site ambulance and first aid service
  • A pharmacy (open six days a week)
  • A dental clinic
  • A chiropractic clinic
  • Massage therapy centers
  • A local Home Care program office
  • Laboratory services for medical testing

Nurses specializing in foot care are available on site at the Villa. If you need transportation for your medical appointments, our staff will make arrangements for you.

Banking services

A credit union is located at a five-minute walk from the Villa. It offers all necessary services.

And much more!

For a complete list of services available in Ste. Anne, visit the city’s website.