"Les Motels"


In this section, you will find all the information you need for independent living.


Reading corners can be found at different places in Villa Youville, offering free access to its various collections of books. For those who want more choice, the Denise-Fortin Library is two minutes from the complex. Its collection of books in both French and in English meets most needs and interests.


Laundry rooms are available at different locations throughout the facility and each resident has an assigned time. This service is offered for $2 a load to our residents.

Monthly bulletin

Le Petit Messager is our monthly bulletin filled with Villa Youville news. It is delivered to your door. In it, you will find important information and the monthly calendar of special activities and events. Consult it regularly, because that’s where all additions or changes to activities are published.

hairdresserHairdressers and barber

Two hairdressers and a professional barber offer on-site hairdressing and grooming services.


Accounting services are offered at the Villa on a regular basis to help you with your tax returns or with any other financial matters.

Resource coordinator

You have access to someone who can help you access certain services. This person will be happy to offer you all the assistance you need to:

  • Set appointments with service providers such as nurses specializing in foot care
  • Get transportation if you do not have a car
  • Find opportunities to volunteer or receive volunteer assistance
  • Access the Lifeline Medical Alert Service
  • Get a wheelchair, walker or cane if necessary
  • Receive any other services you may need


Each resident has a personal address. Mail is delivered to your mailbox daily by Canada Post staff. If you receive a parcel, it will be left at the office and you will be called to come and pick it up. Your outgoing mail for posting can be placed in a marked box at the entrance near the mailboxes.

Housekeeping and general upkeep

Independent living residents are responsible for cleaning their apartment. Villa Youville does the rest, including the cleaning of exterior windows. We can help you get housekeeping services if you so choose.


Wheelchairs are available to our residents for occasional use, for example for outings at the mall. The Resource Coordinator will be happy to assist you.


Villa Youville operates a special Internet network which offers preferential rates to its residents. Please contact the Director of Services for this feature. If you prefer a commercial service, you can call Shaw directly to negotiate your subscription.


We are pleased to provide our residents with generous gardening spaces, a pleasant pastime that will allow you to enjoy delicious fresh vegetables! We even provide a shelter with a washroom and storage space for garden tools. And if you are very patient, you can sit comfortably in the shade to watch your vegetables grow…

Space rental

Villa Youville makes it possible to reserve a reception area with kitchen for your family gatherings. Simply contact the Resource Coordinator to help you plan ahead.


A maintenance team, present on site, will solve any technical or infrastructure problems without delay. Whether it’s for installation or repair, we also have our own professional electrical and plumbing services. In case of emergency, these services are available day and night, all year


You can enjoy a meal outside your apartment without leaving the Villa. Three cafeterias offer different services:

Le Café La Vérendrye is our main kitchen. This is where all meals are prepared for residents requiring long-term care. Cafeteria service is also offered to the public every day.

La Cuisine Céline Petit in the “Pavillon” cooks up meals daily for the residents in supportive living. Meals are served at your table and residents are always in good company!

La Cuisine Marie-Claude prepares complete dinners, from Monday to Friday, for the residents of Villa Youville and for the community’s seniors who wish to have a hearty meal in the company of neighbours and friends. It is the ideal meeting place for our independent living residents!


Villa Youville has nearly half a kilometer of corridors. You can buy a scooter or a motorized wheelchair to move from one place to another within the establishment or to do your shopping in town. It is also a convenient way for people with reduced mobility to get to the various activities of the Villa.


Villa Youville is a fully secured complex. All entrance and exit doors remain locked at all times except for the main entrance (15 Charrière Road) during office hours. We provide maximum protection to our residents while avoiding door-to-door solicitation.

Upon arrival, all residents receive a key to open the exterior doors of their building, a key to their apartment and a key to their mailbox.


Religious services

As a Catholic institution, the Villa offers religious services to its residents. Under the direction of two resident nuns, a pastoral team offers liturgical services and prayers. Mass is celebrated on Tuesday at the Villa and is televised from the parish church on Sunday. Residents may, at any time, privately gather at the “Chapelle du Pavillon”.

Home care

If you need home care, a home care office is located right here in Ste-Anne. After an assessment of your needs, the personnel of this Southern Health – Santé Sud program will provide you with the required help. You should expect to receive services in French since Villa Youville is a designated Francophone facility and the Southern Health – Santé Sud region provides bilingual services.


Villa Youville has generous outdoor parking spaces for its clientele and its staff. Spaces with electricity are also available at a monthly cost of $24 for the first space.


In partnership with Telecom, the Villa offers a preferential rate for telephone services to its residents.


All apartments have access to Shaw Cable. Residents are responsible for activating their service.



Pets are not allowed at Villa Youville. We like dogs and cats, but allergies, the risk of infection and the concerns of many of our residents are all good reasons not to allow them to stay with us. For occasional visits, special arrangements can be made with our Director of Services whose love for and devotion to dogs and cats is well known.


Villa Youville is a smoke-free environment. People wishing to smoke should do so outside, off our property, or in their car.


Your visitors are always welcome. Several parking spaces are available near the entrances. Feel free to invite them to join you for a meal, at your own expense, of course. Don’t forget to book ahead of time.