To fulfill its mission – providing the best possible care and housing to Francophone seniors in the province – Villa Youville receives government financial assistance.

To exceed provincial standards, especially in terms of activities, food services, pleasant surroundings and general comfort, we must turn to the generosity of donors. Your donations allow us to do more and to do better for our residents!


Your generosity is essential

Villa Youville always tries to offer the very best to its residents. However, the extra services, recreational activities and comfortable surroundings that are the make up our institution’s standards of excellence are partially funded by the generous donations we receive. As a charitable organization, Villa Youville relies entirely on you to supplement basic government funding.

Government Aid is not sufficient

Funding is essential to the proper functioning of the residence, but government assistance is not enough; we have to rely on you.

The independent living residences (the Motels) of Villa Youville welcome people with low incomes. Approximately 75% of tenants in these apartments are widows or single women who do not have a pension. The lowest possible rental price is set by Manitoba Housing and any registered surpluses must be refunded at the end of the year.

The nursing home spaces are funded by the Department of Health, Seniors and Active Living in order to provide the basic level of care required. Operating deficits must be absorbed by the Villa, with the Province requiring any surpluses of more than 2% be returned.

Your donation, an enhancement!

In this context, it is almost impossible to accumulate funds that would allow us to enrich the lives of seniors who live with us. That is why we are appealing to you. Together, let’s provide our seniors with a unique experience that exceeds the basic offer of housing and minimum care!

And there is no shortage of need. Entertainment and sports activities, safety devices, training for our employees, renovations and construction of buildings… See the Where donations go section for specific examples of projects financed with your donations.

We would like to emphasize that Villa Youville is a non-profit organization, we do not generate surpluses; your gift will be used for the well-being of our seniors.

Online donation

The easiest way to financially support Villa Youville is by donating online. Make a donation online through CanadaHelps. We will provide you with a tax receipt for charitable donations. Fast and secure, online donations are becoming more and more popular. A big thank-you!