"Le Nursing"


To be admitted to a long term care residence, you must apply to your regional health authority. Your doctor will help you complete this application.

As a first step, the Home Care Coordinator in your health region will evaluate your needs. A recommendation for your placement will be made if you can no longer stay at home, even with home care.

Afterwards, a regional committee will evaluate your application. This is called “paneling”.

If you wish to stay at Villa Youville, you must indicate this as the first choice on your application form. The Villa is a Francophone and Catholic establishment. You have the right to request living in a home that reflects your linguistic, cultural and religious values. All services at Villa Youville are offered in French and our living environment is Francophone. (In contrast to the Villa, bilingual establishments are required to offer services in French only if you ask for them, and the working language of the facility is usually English.)

When your application is accepted, it is forwarded to us. We will contact you to let you know when an opening becomes available.