"Le Nursing"


Our Nursing home provides all the services normally found in a long-term care facility. The following services are offered at no additional charge:

  • Laundry
  • Sheets, blankets, comforters and pillows
  • Housekeeping and maintenance of your room
  • Regular assessment of your dietary needs by a dietitian
  • The services of a nurse at all times
  • The services of a physician specifically assigned to you
  • Weekly visit from the Villa’s medical service
  • All products required for your medical treatment
  • Incontinence products
  • Drugs prescribed by your doctor and funded by the Province
  • The services of a pharmacist who periodically reviews your medications
  • Call bells in all rooms and bathrooms
  • Occasional use of a wheelchair, walker or other equipment of this type
  • A program of activities: singing and music, bingo, cooking, puzzles, board games, outings
  • Use of a private dining room with kitchen for family gatherings
  • Wifi access in the reception room
  • A pastoral program, led by two nuns, which includes three masses per week, prayer meetings and regular visits
  • Free parking near the main entrance for your visitors


The following services are available for a fee:

  • Hairdressing services: a hairdresser spends one day per week at our hairdressing salon for perms, roller sets and haircuts for both women and men (see the Directory to set up an appointment)
  • Foot care: We encourage all residents to use this service, which is offered by licensed footcare nurses (see the Directory to set up an appointment)
  • Equipment exclusively reserved for you such as a wheelchair, walker or mechanical lift slings
  • Medical drugs not prescribed by the doctor or not covered by the Province
  • Incontinence treatment products not provided by the facility (eg, specific brand name disposable underwear)
  • Massage therapy: we will help you obtain this service
  • TV: You need to communicate directly with Shaw Cable to customize and activate your subscription
  • Telephone: you must contact our finance department to obtain a telephone line


Floor Bed Alert

$22 per month

Roam Guard bracelet

$18 per month

Broda chair

$60 per month

Ceiling lift Slings (2)

$40 per month

Sit-to-Stand Sling (1)

$20 a month


$5.00 a dozen

Spenko / mattress

$22 per month

Hairstyle service

(Cost established by the private service)
Set: $10
Haircut: $12
Cut & set: $18
Color: $45
Permanent: $50

Mending, alteration service

Lynne Ste-Marie: 204-422-9894

Foot care

(Cost as per private service)



Installation: $50
Monthly fee: $31
Note: The amount of these fees may change without notice


Installation: $25
Monthly fee: $34

Echo Show 8

Monthly fee: $15

Note: The amount of these fees may change without notice

Other resources

Consult the Directory to find the person who will best answer your questions. You can also call the reception of Villa Youville at 204-422-5624.