"Le Nursing"


At Villa Youville, our residents welcome visits from family and friends with joy and gratitude!

A visit should not feel like an obligation. A pleasant occasion for both visitors and residents, it should be stimulating and interactive. Over the years, we have gathered several ideas that seem to enrich the visiting experience for our residents. We hope that the following suggestions will be helpful.

Bring photos

  • It is an opportunity for conversation and brings back fond memories. Leave some behind on the bulletin board and replace them regularly. Your pictures will become a topic of conversation with caregivers or with housekeeping staff.

Play a board game together

  • Scrabble, snakes and ladders, chess, checkers… You can sit at a table in one of our lounges. Your presence will be appreciated by other residents too. Some may wish to participate in your game?

Work on a puzzle

  • Find a puzzle that matches the level of difficulty that is appropriate for the resident, even if it is a little too much for you. There will be extra help!


  • Write letters or greeting cards together.

Go for a stroll

  • Take a walk outside, in a wheelchair or in a car. Reconnect with nature, visit a favorite place, see how nearby crops are progressing, take note of new construction projects: anything at all to spark a new topic of conversation!

Have a meal

  • Have a meal together at the restaurant.
  • Bring a favorite food. (Make sure it is suitable for the resident’s diet.) French fries, hamburgers, pastries and ice cream cones are very popular!

Enjoy electronic devices

  • Call people who live elsewhere. (Use the speaker on your telephone to make it a better experience)
  • Sit together in the large dining room with your computer and enjoy our free wifi to use Skype or to explore websites of interest to the resident.
  • Play games together on your tablet or computer.

Bring a bit of happiness

  • Bring a surprise or a gift. Take the time to wrap it nicely to create a festive package!


  • Accompany the resident to one of our activities. You will be part of a moment of their daily life.

Enjoy music

  • Bring the resident’s favorite music scores. Leave them with us: we will try to play them in our lounge areas. They will be able to hear the music and the songs they’ve always loved.

Offer your company

  • Come watch a favorite TV show in one of our lounges. Other residents will also benefit your company. This kind of visit can become an important part of the weekly routine.

Enjoy the pleasure of reading and books

  • Bring in newsletters, magazines, newspapers that you can read together. You can leave them for other residents to enjoy later.
  • Get a subscription to a newspaper or journal the resident likes.
  • If your resident can no longer read but loves stories, leave a book that other visitors can also read to them. They could also be interested in audio books.
  • If your resident likes to read, bring him or her library books. If you have read the same book, you can talk about it together.
  • If they do not like reading, offer them illustrated albums on subjects that interest them: cars, dogs, horses. They will spend hours looking at them!

Celebrate together

  • Although it may seem a bit complicated, make a special effort to include them in your family celebrations at home.
  • Take advantage of our private dining room to organize a family meal, especially on the occasion of a birthday or other celebrations. It’s free! Prepare a special dish with the resident. The equipment is at your disposal. (Be sure to book the room and leave it clean and tidy afterwards.)


  • Become one of our volunteers. It is a way to maintain regular contact with your resident while providing us a great service. Those who need help and who do not receive much company will benefit. Your services will be greatly appreciated and your own life will be enriched.

If you have any more, let us know your own suggestions; We will add them to this list!


It is possible that during a visit, you may encounter a situation that does not seem acceptable to you. Do not hesitate to tell us about it. The nurse in charge of your resident is the right person to correct the situation. If you are not comfortable discussing the issue with her, please contact the Director of Care or even the Managing Director. We are open and willing to improve the quality of our care and our services.


Residents of Villa Youville and their families have access to meeting rooms.

The Salle Jean-Audette, located close to the main entrance, is available to families of our Nursing residents. It can accommodate twenty people for a meal and its use is free. For reservations, please contact our receptionist at or 204-424-5624 ext. 201.

For larger parties, you can rent the salon Marguerite. Contact our Housing Services Coordinator at 204-422-3008, ext. 236 for reservations. This will tell you the cost and rental conditions.