"Le Pavillon"


Can I hang pictures on my walls?

Most certainly, this is your home. We recommend that you use “damage-free” hooks instead of screws and nails. Any damages and/or holes that need repairing and/or repainting in your appartment will not only delay entry for the next tenant but costs will be deducted from your damage deposit refund.

Can I hang decorations outside my apartment?

You may hang a SMALL seasonal decoration on or close to your door along with your name. Our hallways are common spaces used by everyone and since not everyone shares the same decor style we ask that you refrain from hanging anything on these walls.

Who is responsible for repairs in my apartment?

For issues concerning equipment such as the stove, refrigerator, etc (anything that was in the apartment upon your arrival) or having to do with water or electricity service, you may contact our maintenance department or our tenant resource coordinator. We try to look after all issues in a timely manner.

Who is responsible for lights and light bulbs?

You may replace light bulbs yourself or, if you wish, our maintenance team will be happy to assist you. There is a nominal fee of $5 per bulb.

Other services?

Celina Manaigre is our tenant resource coordinator for Motels (independent living) and Joanne Comeault is responsible for the Pavillon. They will be visiting you shortly after your arrival to introduce themselves and to discuss our many services such as: Erik kit, Victoria Lifeline, laundry schedules, meal services, transportation, volunteering, religious services and activities, etc.

We also have many other service providers coming to the Villa for our residents; hairdressers, barber, massage therapy, personal tax services, mobility services provider, foot care services, home delivery by our local grocery store and pharmacy, etc. For more information on these services please contact Nicole or Hélène or consult our monthly newsletter for contact information for each service.

Where do I bring my garbage?

The Villa Youville and their residents believe in being ecologically responsible. We encourage everyone to recycle as much as possible by providing recycle bins, if needed (see Celina Manaigre). You will be responsible for bringing your garbage and recycling to one of our indoor depots. One of your neighbors or our team members can help you find the nearest depot for your building. Please be advised that we cannot accept any furniture, large items nor electronics. For these items, we recommend that you or family member deliver them to the Pulford Center in Sainte-Anne, Helping Hands in Steinbach or Flavie-Laurent center in St-Boniface.

I see small gardens by every window?

Most ground-level Motel apartments have a small garden directly in front of their apartments for vegetables, flowers or whatever your green thumb prefers. Each resident is responsible for maintenance of this area. Any associated costs are the responsibility of the resident. Please see management prior to making any changes that may affect the overall size and look of your respective garden areas.

For gardeners with more energy and gardening talents, we also have a community garden area where larger plots are available. Grow some for yourself, for a friend who cannot or to donate to our kitchen services for sharing!

How/where will I learn about internal news, activities, etc?

Celina Manaigre prepares her monthly chronical, «Le Petit Messager ». It is distributed to your door within the first few days of every month. You will find all contact names and telephone numbers for most services and the schedules for activities, church services, etc. You may contact Celina Manaigre to post a message, an ad or any recommendations.

Celina also has an electronic version available for the more technologically savy. Call Celina to provide your email or to provide family member emails if they want to see what’s shakin’ at the Villa. It’s FREE of charge!

Keep an eye out for our bulletin boards for new items and keep an ear peeled for Celina’s voice for intercom announcements every weekday morning.

Where can I host a family event?

We have 2 common area rooms available for rental. The largest, Salon Marguerite d’Youville located at the heart of the Motel section, can accomodate up to 75 people and the smaller Caisse-Groupe financier room in Le Pavillon can comfortably accomodate 25 people. Both rooms include kitchen ammenities for your convenience, if needed. Either room will cost $80. Please contact Nicole Trudeau for more information on the house rules and to book your reservations.

What about our visiting friends and family members?

Invite them often and welcome them to the Villa Youville. They will always be welcome! As with any other multi dwelling complex, your guests must be respectful of your neighbors. Loud voices and shouting in the hallways in the evening can be anoying to other seniors used to turning in early.

You and your guests are welcome to visit and use our many common areas to take advantage of our pool tables and puzzle areas. We ask that children be accompanied by adults when out and about visiting with the other seniors in our hallways.

How are the rent contracts renewed?

The rental contracts are renewed annually on April 1st. The new rent information sheets are distributed to your door by the end of December with the new rates coming into effect on April 1st. If your rent contract is subject to a calculation based on your income, we ask that you see Celina Manaigre with your CRA “notice of assessment”. Celina Manaigre will be visiting with the new contracts for your review and signature as soon as they are available.

How is snow removal done in the resident parking lot?

Snow removal is done whenever accumulation warrants it. In order to give crews, access and to prevent vehicle damage, Celina Manaigre will inform all vehicle owners of the time and date for vehicle removal. For those with mobility challenges, etc, we have a team of volunteers who can assist.

What about technical issues with telephone, internet and cable?

Your cable services are provided via Shaw Cable. You will call them directly for all cable signal/cable box issues. For all residents using the Villa Youville telephone and wifi internet services, you may contact Celina Manaigre or Sara Trudeau during regular business hours.

Is smoking permitted at the Villa?

Villa Youville is a smoke-free facility. Ssmoking is not permitted anywhere on the Villa premises, not even in the privacy of your suite. Smoking for residents and their visitors will only be permitted in their vehicle or completely off-site.