Founded in Sainte-Anne-des-Chênes more than 50 years ago and now welcoming Francophone seniors from across Manitoba, Villa Youville is an integral part of both the community that surrounds it, and the history of the region.

In 1963, the project was launched by the Redemptorist Fathers, then in charge of the parish of Sainte-Anne-des-Chênes. They were supported by the Knights of Columbus, the Grey Nuns, the doctors of the Seine Medical Center as well as by the municipal councils.

Many changes have taken place in Manitoba over the past fifty years. In particular, an extensive home care program encourages seniors to stay at home longer. In addition, in 1997, the creation of regional health authorities throughout the province marked the destiny of Villa Youville, which chose to remain autonomous while signing service contracts with the regional health authority.

The celebration of its 50th anniversary gave the Villa an opportunity to put forth its origins and enhance its image. More than ever, the management team focuses on customer service and the dedication of its staff, who provide services and quality care brimming with kindness.


A history of generosity…

Each stage of development at Villa Youville was made possible with generous donations from members of the corporation, the region’s municipalities and its residents. The list of donors is on display at the main entrance of the Villa. Donations amount to millions of dollars.

This spirit of giving is a genuine sign of the local population’s attachment to Villa Youville.


  • The project was undertaken by Redemptorist Fathers Ferland and Montpetit and supported by the Ste-Anne Knights of Columbus, the Grey Nuns and municipal authorities.

June 1965

  • Official opening of Villa Youville.
  • 25 units with supportive care “Les Hostels”.
  • 24 independent living units (Motel 1).

October 1972

  • Opening of the Nursing home.
  • 50 long term care beds.
  • Villa Youville becomes a unique model for senior’s residences, offering housing options under one roof for completely independent people, to housing for individuals requiring complete care.


  • Addition of 30 new independent living units (Motel 2).
  • The new construction spans the Seine River, but remains connected to the rest of the facility all under the same roof.


  • Addition of 30 additional independent living units, Motel 3, thanks to the construction of a new three-storey building attached to Motel 2.
  • Villa Youville has 84 independent living units, 25 supportive living units and 50 nursing beds for a total of 160 housing units.


  • The 25 supportive living units (Les Hostels) are abandoned in favour of 16 new extended care beds.
  • The total number of dwellings shifts from 160 to 150, representing 84 independent living units and a 66-room centre dedicated to long-term care.


  • Establishment of regional health authorities. Unlike many homes for the elderly, Villa Youville chooses not to transfer management of its activities to its regional authority. Instead, the Villa signs a service contract to offer long-term care with funding provided by the South Eastman Regional Health Authority while retaining its autonomy.


  • Opening of a new building to accommodate 66 nursing home beds, built on the west side of the river and attached to Motel 3. The administrative offices and all services are relocated with the new nursing home at 15, chemin Charriere.
  • Several services are added: community baths and meals, rental assistance for tenants and a day care.


  • Demolition of the old nursing building on avenue Centrale.


  • Opening of “Le Pavillon”, a new facility housing 24 supportive living apartments built on the site of the former nursing home.
  • The Villa again offers a complete range of housing options for the elderly: independent living, supportive living and long-term care residences, all under one roof.
  • Villa Youville has 84 independent living units (Les Motels), 24 supportive living units (Le Pavillon) and 66 long-term care beds (Le Nursing), for a total of 174 units.


  • Following a consultation with waiting list clients, the Villa Youville board of directors decides to begin studying the viability of new housing, which would provide additional independent living residences.