Together, the members of our Board of Directors and the members of our staff form a team whose raison d’être is to make our residents happy.

Both professional and compassionate, our team consists of women and men who are sincerely interested in the well-being of seniors. Whether it‘s providing top quality care, listening or simply showing affection, our staff is a fundamental asset that makes Villa Youville a par excellence destination for Francophone seniors of Manitoba.


The role of the Chief Executive Officer is to make sure that Villa Youville lives up to its mission statement and values. He is supported by the Director of Care, who oversees Nursing activities, as well as the Director of Services, who is primarily responsible for housing. This three-person team manages all the activities of the Villa.

Gilbert Audette

Gilbert Audette

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Gilbert Audette joined the management team in January 2014. Former business owner and sales specialist, he has brought to Villa Youville an exceptional sense of customer service. He has introduced to our housing sector, for which he is responsible, a level of service worthy of the best establishments. Under his direction, minor issues are taken care of in a jiffy! People never hesitate to approach Gilbert, who is accessible, comfortable with seniors and generous with his time. Several renovation projects have been carried out since his arrival. His expertise will be particularly appreciated with the upcoming construction of an additional building

Carole Lavack, registered nurse

Carole Lavack, registered nurse

Director of Care

Carole Lavack has practiced her nursing and management skills in Manitoba and British Columbia since 1988. A native of Ste-Anne, she knows and loves her community. She has worked with seniors for many years, first at Villa Youville and later on in several other facilities. Carole is a seasoned program and facility manager. She was Ste-Anne Hospital’s executive director from 2006 to 2011 and a program manager for Southern Health from 2012 to 2017. She came back to Villa Youville in September 2017 as its clinical resource nurse and was appointed to the position of Director of Care on February 1st, 2019. Villa Youville’s values of hospitality, tender loving care and family spirit fully define her. With Carole, residents always come first. Carole is a tremendous asset to Villa Youville’s leadership team..

Yann Boissonneault, BSc., CMMA

Yann Boissonneault, BSc., CMMA

Director of Housing and Services

Having spent his childhood years in Ste. Anne, and now enjoying his own family of three with his wife of 20+ years, Yann is a proud franco-manitoban in both his family and entrepreneurial life.  With early ties to the Villa, he first visited the “old nursing” on Centrale avenue in 1975 where his mother worked serving its residents.

Yann has shown an impressive list of professional achievements, and qualifications that are sure to be beneficial to our management team.  With studies in sciences, municipal administration, accounting and project management, he adds exceptional knowledge and assets.  His work history demonstrates exceptional customer service skills and his personal and family life already share our strong cultural ties as well as Villa Youville’s values of warm greetings, tenderness and family spirit/commitment.

Board of Directors

A responsible administration

Villa Youville is managed by a transparent, reliable and competent board of directors, dedicated to the happiness of our seniors. This Board consists of nine members: one is a resident of the Villa, another is an employee, and the other seven come from the different communities in the region. They are elected by the members of the Villa Youville corporation at their annual, general meeting.

Villa Youville is exclusively accountable to its members, the sole owners of the company. It does not answer to the Regional Health Authority or to the Minister of Housing. However, it signs service contracts with them, and undertakes to offer certain services that they agree to finance. The Villa must comply with regulations and provincial standards.

Quality and commitment

Our Board members are experienced and knowledgeable. But beyond their knowledge, they distinguish themselves by their commitment to our organization and the elderly in general. They live the organization’s mission and values fully. In their work, they demonstrate dedication, patience and even phenomenal memory! Outstanding volunteers, they deserve recognition not only for their time, but also for their wisdom and governance skills.

Board members are elected for two-year terms. In 2018, the members of the Board are:

President :

Gilbert Legal


Gabriel Lemoine


Jean Balcaen

Board Members

Gilles Gagnon

Raynald Dupuis

Lorraine Jolicoeur

Irène Lemoine

Angèle Lord

Georges Kirouac

Sara Trudeau


As is customary, the Board Chair and CEO submit their annual reports to the member-owners of the corporation outlining their main achievements for the year.

Below is the recent annual report in PDF format (content only available in French).


Below is the recent annual report in PDF format (content only available in French).


Working in partnership

As an independent organization and private corporation, Villa Youville can nevertheless count on the help of many valuable partners in fulfilling its mission, including the Manitoba Department of Housing and Community Development and the Regional Health Authority, Southern Health–Santé Sud.

Southern Health-Santé Sud

As a non-profit private corporation, Villa Youville is an independent institution also working in partnership with the Southern Health–Santé Sud Regional Health Authority.