Values personified

At Villa Youville, our staff offers care by embracing the vision, mission and core values of the establishment, three elements that make the Villa a friendly, respectful and heart-warming place.

To our well known family spirit, there is a sense of welcome and of kindness that add up to make Villa Youville’s reputation for excellence.

Our vision

Seniors who receive the happiness they deserve.

Our mission

Provide housing and timely and relevant care for seniors in a family-oriented, Francophone and Catholic setting.



At the Villa, we try to convey this well-known sense of hospitality our parents and grandparents always shared – keeping a place at the table for others, openly welcoming them and never hesitating to serve. We also embrace the joie de vivre imparted by earlier generations.


We will forever remember the goodwill and warmth of our parents … the affection, attention and support they have shown us all their lives. At Villa Youville, we are happy to give back to our seniors every day, in gesture and in words, the kindness they in turn so much deserve.


Our seniors grew up in a setting where family and community were of paramount importance. Members of different families have close relationships and make up an impressive network of mutual support. Villa Youville is inspired by this wonderful social fabric and uses it to recreate a family friendly, Francophone and spiritual environment.