The charm of Ste-Anne

Villa Youville rests alongside the meandering Seine River, in the peaceful town of Sainte-Anne-des-Chênes. Located 40 kilometers south-east of Winnipeg, and 20 kilometers north of Steinbach, our residents benefit from the wide open spaces of the prairies while still in close proximity to major centers.

Health City

Ste-Anne is a Manitoba town recognized for the variety of its health services all of which can be found within walking distance of Villa Youville:

  • Twelve bilingual physicians (Centre médical Seine Medical Center)
  • A bilingual hospital with 24-hour emergency service, surgery and palliative care
  • On-site ambulance and first aid service
  • A pharmacy (open six days a week)
  • A dental clinic
  • A chiropractic center
  • Massage therapy centers
  • A physiotherapy center

Convenient services

The residents of Villa Youville live in a park while appreciating all of the nearby essential services. They can enjoy the tranquility of the countryside while having easy access to the multitude of shops and services on avenue Centrale: shops, grocery store with home delivery, cultural activities, parks, “Le club jovial”, restaurants, service stations and gas stations, golf courses, etc.

At the heart of a community

Villa Youville, in the center of Ste-Anne, is rooted in the heart of a Francophone community renowned for its hospitality, its warmth and joie de vivre.

The Villa has been part of the landscape for more than 50 years and contributes fully to the history and the prosperity of the village.

According to history, Francophone pioneers lived in Pointe-des-Chênes as early as 1856, making Ste-Anne one of the oldest settlements in Manitoba.