Villa Youville, a Francophone seniors’ home located in Ste. Anne, offers jobs in several categories such as nursing, dietetics, maintenance, recreation and leisure (see the Job Categories list).

It should be noted that the work we do exceeds the assigned tasks and that the qualities required go well beyond training and technical skills. Our employees share this “joie de vivre”.

At the Villa, the management team is visible and accessible. It encourages positive exchanges and is present in all situations to ensure a proper functioning workplace. The team is always available to help, listen and support its staff.


A passion for seniors

Villa Youville is a seniors residence. The people who work there must be genuinely committed to the elderly, feel comfortable with them and want to help improve their quality of life.

A francophone and catholic milieu

Villa Youville is a Francophone and Catholic establishment. Individuals wishing to work in French will love this environment as it appreciates and values Francophone language and culture. Individuals for whom French is a lesser known language will be surrounded by residents who will encourage their learning by engaging with them and speaking in French – a true linguistic immersion! Non-Catholics, who are very welcome at the Villa, will appreciate the message of love, hope and charity transmitted by our faith, a message similar to that of many other religions. Non-Francophone partners and friends who want to take advantage of this linguistic and cultural environment will also experience happiness here.

Hospitality, family spirit and kindness

The behavior of the employee must at all times reflect the three essential values of Villa Youville: hospitality, family spirit and kindness. To learn more, we invite you to visit the Mission, Vision and Values section.

In essence, if the happiness of our seniors is important to you and you want to work in a Francophone and Catholic environment where our core values are at the center of everything we do, we invite you to consult the Job postings and How to apply sections of our site!


Gratifying work

Whether you work in nursing, dietetics, maintenance, management or recreation and leisure, Youville Villa offers you many benefits.

Every day, your work consists of brightening the lives of others and helping a fragile and vulnerable clientele. In itself, your job is helpful to society, satisfying and valued. Moreover, you will have the pleasure of working with people like you who share their altruistic desire to help the elderly!

A unique environment

In addition to the satisfaction associated with the human and rewarding tasks you perform, the very ambiance of the Villa is beneficial to your personal and professional fulfillment. A warm and peaceful place where friendship and the pleasure of working together prevail, the Villa is guided by important values ​​such as hospitality, kindness and family spirit.

Visit How to apply to join our team.